Refund Policy

Global Application Brands refund policy has been formulated to characterize the circumstances under which our company will give a refund, the methodology for asserting a refund and the duty of Global Application Brands site in conditions bringing about such a claim. By enlisting for any of our administrations you are pronouncing that you acknowledge and concur with every one of the terms and conditions laid out in the refund arrangement.

Eligibility For Refund

At Global Application Brands, venture is critical to us and we ensure that we handle each task with extreme care and polished skill. Our objective is to provide the outcomes according to the terms and states of the proposition. Be that as it may, in spite of each measure if the customer isn't happy with the outcomes and goes for the debate determination process, we consider refund asked according to the accompanying project in which our administrations and refund approach identified with each services is plainly recorded below.

* If the client wants refund due to any reason then there are two conditions on which the client is entitled to get refund otherwise not.
* As we work and complete job in phases therefore, if in case we have not started working on your project within the time frame of 3 days after the payment is being made; then the client can claim refund and we are supposed to fulfill that claim accordingly.
* If we have started working on the project before the timeline of 3 days after payment is being made then the client can't claim refund.
* Whereas, if any client wants refund in the middle of the project then the client is only entitled to get refund of that milestone which we have not started yet.
* The milestone that we have completed and worked on and provided it to the client for that particular milestone, the refund is not applicable.

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